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Regular update sessions:

  • We offer regular contact sessions with you to keep your skills fresh and prepare you for any upcoming opportunities – and can prebook your sessions monthly to ensure you don’t miss out. We will work with you to review any ongoing media appearances

In-depth and challenging interviews:

  • We use current investigative journalism techniques to interrogate your subject area, company or spokesperson ahead of time, to give you an authentic experience of a extremely challenging interview, using open source information and research techniques

Crisis communications:

  • We run half or full day works shops where we can simulate an evolving news landscape, either for an individual or team, including communication advisors  and speak persons, with a range of scenarios and techniques

Instagram Live and two-way training:

  • We run simulations where you can experience what is like to do a live interview where you cannot see or be in the same room as a journalist. We can tailor the training for people who may be doing live interviews on social media platforms

Presentation skills:

  • We can refine and hone your presentation skills, teaching you techniques for preparation, content and delivery, for any upcoming event or interview, to enable you to present with impact

Please contact us for pricing options and further information